* General Practitioners


Cardiac catheterization laboratory (future planned)

Stress test


Ambulatory BP monitoring



Full pulmonary function test

Pleural biopsy



6 dialysis units, including one isolated Dialysis unit for high risk Patient.


Upper and lower GI(colonoscopy)

Endoscopy with capacity for sclerotherpy and endoscopic band ligation


Capacity for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy


Capacity for EEG and EMG


Infectious disease

Capacity for hepatitis C treatment

Capacity for hepatitis B vaccination

Other vaccinations


Oncology service

Both adult and pediatrics

6 bed day care unit for chemotherapy

8 beds fully equipped Intensive care unit (ICU) with state of the art technologies and mechanical Ventilators.

An 8 bed, fully equipped and monitored service run by an emergency Doctor provides:

* 24 Hours Emergency Service

* 24 Hours Laboratory Service

* 24 Hours Ambulance Service

* 24 Hours Imaging Service

Check your health before you are at risk, as such we provide a complete general examination including but not limited to.

1. Blood work

2. Chest x.ray

3. Ultrasound

4. Mammography

5. EKG

6. Cervicalr cancer screening

7. Stress test and more

this health screening package can be regular or exclusive, plus you can purchase a  yearly or monthly package. Our dedicated doctors and advanced exam rooms provide our patients with their test results in a short time using our automated system, and they can take CD’s and soft copies of their medical records .

  • * Imaging services including CT-Scan, MRI, Eco, ultra sound, CXR* 4D and 3D Obstetrics Ultra sound.* Laboratory: 24 hours comprehensive services
  • Internal medicine

  • General internal medicine

  • Pulmonary

  • Nephrology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Hematology

  • Neurology

  • Psychiatry

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Dermatology

  • Orthopedics

  • Oncology 

* General surgery (including laparoscopic surgery)

o 5 fully equipped operation theaters (OT) with 5 surgical microscopes

* Thoracic surgery

* Neurosurgery

* Hepatobilliary

* Urology

* Vascular surgery

* Orthopedic surgery

* Cosmetic surgery and hair transplant (Future planned service)

* Kidney transplant surgery (Future planned service)

* Hair transplant surgery (Future planned service)

We Have full Laboratory service with a capacity to do this tests

Clinical Chemistry

Hematology / CBC



Coagulation/ Hemostasis

Blood gas analyzer

Fluid Analysis (Body Fluid)



Parasitology, Urinalysis & Prostatic Secretion


Delivery service with fetal monitoring; panda baby warmers

* Antenatal/postnatal follows up

* Minor & major gynecologic procedure and surgery

* Abdominal and vaginal ultrasound

* Colposcopy


* Well baby/sick baby clinic

* Neonatal ICU with 7 bed ICU with 4 incubators,2 Phototherapy & 4 panda baby warmers with pediatric ventilators

* Emergency drip room

* Pediatric Oncology/ chemotherapy

* Pediatric inpatient services

* Pediatric surgery

Other services

our unique services below

Physical Therapy

The basis of Wellness

Ambulance Services

24/7 fast emergency response

Pharmacy service

Pharmacy Services

Morgue services

Service for both external and internal deceased patients .

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Inpatient Services

modern and friendly

Our Hospital is a G+6 building equipped with the necessary modern medical equipment, we provide services in the following categories.

Pharmacy Services