Chief Excutive manager of Hallelujah General Hospital

Mrs.Yetnayet Eshetu is the spouse of Prof. Getachew Aderaye. She is a designer by profession, which gives her a broader Knowledge of Art, Design and Aesthetic value as it is reflected on the Hospital Building and Interior design. But she has an outstanding experience with immense achievement in the management of medical centre, particularly at Hallelujah Higher Clinic. She has served as head of Management at Hallelujah Higher Clinic for over nine years. Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hallelujah General Hospital. In that capacity she oversees and decides on management, administrative and financial matters. She is fully responsible for the management, planning and performance of the hospital. Mrs Yetnayet is an open minded and warm-hearted leader, who is always looking for Opportunities to improve our existing services and bring new practices in areas of specialized Medicine to our hospital by visiting many exemplary Health care organizations and Hospitals throughout the world and establishing joint Venture relationships.